Chris Brown, who is in Berlin for a tour, got into a heated altercation with a TikToker in a club.


“When Chris Brown was 17yrs how old was this girl? Why must she fight your own agenda of hating a 17yrs old Chris Brown??” a user wrote on Twitter. 

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“And now she’s shadowed talking horribly about Chris brown son that plus that fight and she good,” another user said.

Recently, Chloe Bailey released her new single with Brown pushing it out with a new music video that has already received hundreds of thousands of views.

Chloe and Chris’ How Does it Feel released Friday, and in a complete reversal from last week, most of the comments in Chloe’s Twitter feed about the song are positive, and in less than 12 hours, the music video itself has around 350,000 views.

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The video is directed by Arrad. It shows Chloe and Chris embrace a couple of times as they’re holed up in a penthouse as the two sing the ballad. Many critics condemned Baily for doing a song with Brown, who has been at the center of a few alleged incidents of abuse.

Brown defended his name, unleashing on Kiely Williams, Blueface, and a long list of white celebrities who also have been arrested for domestic abuse and whom fans still support.

The Run It singer has been making headlines over the past few weeks. He was reportedly banned from Great Britain after he was convicted of assaulting Rihanna.

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Recently, he was trolled after he allegedly banned black women from entering his VIP party in London last night. As per a report by Media Take Out, Brown hosted a VIP party at a London Night Club on February 17. The club was filled with Chris’s friends and celebrities. The bouncers at the door had strict rules “No Black Girls Allowed.”