Chrisean Rock was blasted by fans after she was seen smoking weed while being pregnant in a recent clip from her and Blueface’s reality show ‘Crazy In Love.’

Rock was heavily criticized by fans who were concerned about her unborn child’s safety as Rock appeared to light up a blunt as the couple have a mild disagreement in the kitchen. Social media users engaged in a furious debate about Rock choosing to smoke while pregnant after the clip surfaced on Sunday.

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“I can’t believe Chrisean Rock just smoking weed while she months pregnant on tv for the world to see,” one fan said, while another commented, “Chrisean Rock is about to give birth to shorty if she does not stop smoking while pregnant.” A third tweeted, “Why is chrisean rock smoking weed 20 months pregnant #crazyinlove2” One more noted, “Poor Kid: Chrisean Rock Smoking Weed While Being Pregnant With Blueface’s Presumed Child Surfaces!” Another said, “Smoking while pregnant is WILD ASFF Chrisean Rock has to do better smh !!”

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Blueface did not seem very concerned about Rock smoking while pregnant with his child. Instead, he seemed to be more concerned about money and told Rock that she did not accumulate $10 million in her last round of paydays. The couple did put their differences aside to attend Jason Lee’s birthday party Sunday night in Los Angeles.

CDC advises against using marijuana during pregnancy. Some research shows that marijuana use during pregnancy is linked to health concerns, including high use of other substances that may impact pregnancy and infant health such as tobacco, and developmental problems in adolescents.

The chemicals in marijuana (in particular, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC) is said to pass through a child’s system to the baby and may affect the infant’s development. Research also shows that using marijuana while one is pregnant can cause health problems in newborns, including lower birth weight and abnormal neurological development.

Breathing marijuana smoke can also be bad for the mother as well as the baby as it contains many of the same toxic and cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco smoke.