The footage of what looks like a heated exchange between Justin Timberlake and Megan Thee Stallion backstage at MTV VMAs is going viral.

The video was recorded when Megan Thee Stallion came face to face with Timberlake, who was waiting with the rest of the members of his former boy band, NSYNC to walk on stage to present an award. The footage showed a visibly pissed-off Stallion pointing and shaking her finger at Timberlake. She then quickly turned away, looking angry. NSYNC’s Joey Fatone also seemed to pass a comment on the situation.

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Did Justin Timberlake fight with Megan Thee Stallion backstage at VMAs 2023?

However, a source later told Variety that there is no ongoing feud between Stallion and Timberlake.

“He said, ‘It’s so nice to meet you,’ and she said ‘No, no this don’t count, this don’t count. We gotta meet proper,'” the source said.

The incident took place before or after Stallion’s performance with Cardi B of their new single “Bongos” at the event. “It was very cute,” the source said, confirming that there was “zero fight” between Stallion and Timberlake.

Meanwhile, NSYNC’s reunion could not have come at a better time — at the band’s 10-year anniversary. The last time the band released new music was back in 2000.

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Their self-titled debut album was successfully released to European countries in 1997, and later debuted in the U.S. market with the single “I Want You Back”. Lance Bass confirmed the group’s break up in 2007. The group is set to release new music in 2023, for the upcoming DreamWorks Animation film Trolls Band Together.

“I had your dolls,” Taylor Swift told the former boy band members after accepting the award for Best Pop Song from them. “What’s going to happen now? They’re doing something and I need to know what it is. You’re pop personified.”