Rapper and singer Saweetie was trolled for failing to read the teleprompter at MTV VMAs 2023 on Tuesday night.

She was interviewing celebrities on the pink carpet as they arrived before the start of the main ceremony and her lack of hosting skills was apparent. Here are some of the reactions from fans after she messed up her lines while reading from the teleprompter:

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There were also times when Saweetie missed her cue to speak, leaving her co-host in an awkward position as he looked at her in confusion during one of the unplanned long pauses. Saweetie appeared to detangle her hair with her long nails and almost zone out, forgetting that she was hosting for the night.

In addition, Saweetie wore a pre-historic-themed dress with what appeared to be a bone sticking out of her attire on her right shoulder, causing fans to be puzzled. The ensemble featured a floor-length sequenced pink dress that was being held together by two large fake bones. The rapper explained the theme behind the look while co-hosting on the pink carpet.

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“Shout out to Area. It’s fresh off the runway,” Saweetie explained. “I saw this like 48 hours ago. But the inspiration behind this is just fashion when it first started, caveman days.”

The dress did not sit well with fans and as a result, she also got trolled for her outfit online. “I guess Saweetie has… A BONE-HER!” one person commented on X, formerly known as Twitter. “Saweetie looking like an extra on the Flintstones with that bone dress. Are stylist on strike too?” another tweet read. “I want saweetie to take this dog bone off her dress,” someone else posted.