Renowned singer Taylor Swift is being trolled heavily on the internet for not speaking out against her rumored boyfriend Matty Healy, who is accused of making racist comments toward Ice Spice.

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The string of reactions comes as Swift has now announced the release of a new version of her song, “Karama,” with Ice Spice herself, amid the ongoing scrutiny surrounding the rumoured couple. Swift praised the fellow musician on Instagram before revealing that the song will be included in her Midnights deluxe album, titled Midnights Until Dawn.

Prior to the announcement of their collaboration, fans have circled the singer, making her voice his opinions on the remarks made by Healy. In February, Healy ignited controversy on The Adam Friedland Show podcast, where he and Friedland and Nick Mullen, the hosts, made fun of Japanese, Scottish and Hawaiian people.

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Healy was heavily criticized after the show. He also said he messaged Ice Spice, and the group made fun of her heritage and mocked the accents.

Internet users heavily condemned the act and also did not spare Taylor Swift. One user while taking a jibe at Taylor Swift said, “Taylor Swift failing to address the racist comments Matt Healy made towards Ice Spice and then finding a way to profit off of her with a new collab is a text book example of white woman feminism. It’s convenient, manipulative and continues to shield and protect white men”.

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Another user wrote, “Taylor can stay mute and play dumb about Healy’s racism like she does on most matters of importance

But releasing a remix with Ice Spice who has been disrespected by the man you are parading around town is a level of disrespect that I won’t ignore. Luckily karma is her boyfriend”.