A bizarre rumor suggesting that former President Donald Trump has played the character of Toad in the newly released The Super Mario Bros Movie has surfaced after the ex-POTUS was arraigned on 34 counts of felony charges in a Manhattan court on Tuesday. The 45th President of the United States pleaded not guilty to all of those charges in front of Judge Juan Merchan.

The rumor surfaced after a picture taken in the courtroom at the time of Trump’s arraignment went viral on the internet.

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Is Donald Trump playing Toad in The Super Mario Bros Movie?

The short answer is no, he is not. The rumor stemmed from a few comments made by former adult film actress Stormy Daniels about Trump that have resurfaced on social media again. After she alleged in public that the former president had sexual intercourse with her and the latter paid her hush money in order to buy her silence.

At the time, Daniels described Trump’s physical anatomy, including details about his private parts in her book, Full Disclosure. “I lay there, annoyed that I was getting f***ed by a guy with … a d*** like the mushroom character in Mario Kart,” Daniels wrote in her 2018 memoir.

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Rumor Trump’s arraignment was part of Super Mario Bros promotion

There was also an additional rumor that Trump’s arraignment was part of The Super Mario Bros Movie promotion since the film was released the same week as Trump’s court appearance.

“The Stormy Daniels affair coming back into the headlines now really feels like a missed marketing opportunity,” one Twitter user commented. “Early reviews of the Mario Bros Movie even track with what I imagine Stormy Daniels thought of her Trump Tryst,” another added. “Low expectations as first impression, but somehow still fails to live up to the hype.”