Nicolas Cage’s Dream Scenario will be the actor’s first collaboration with the Academy Award-winning indie production company.

Release Date

Nicolas Cage and A24 are set to fulfill their long-awaited dream as Dream Scenario makes its way to cinemas this autumn on November 10, 2023, perfectly timed for the awards season. While it’s too soon to determine if A24 aims to secure additional Oscar nominations following the tremendous success of Everything Everywhere All at Once, early indications for Dream Scenario look promising, with the film reportedly receiving a favorable response during its exclusive screening at the Toronto International Film Festival.


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In Dream Scenario, Nicolas Cage takes on the role of Professor Paul Matthews, an isolated and socially disconnected individual. However, Paul’s life takes a bizarre turn when he inexplicably becomes a recurring presence in the dreams of several unrelated individuals. The reasons behind this mysterious phenomenon remain completely enigmatic to the college professor. Determined to unravel the mysteries surrounding his newfound connection with the subconscious minds of others, Paul embarks on a quest for answers. While this premise may initially evoke thoughts of a sci-fi or fantasy mystery, it’s worth noting that the film has been categorized as a horror comedy. Consequently, the pursuit of these answers may lead Paul into hilariously unsettling territory, making him question whether some mysteries are best left unsolved.


Nicolas Cage takes the lead in Dream Scenario, and he’s a genuinely brilliant actor renowned for his unwavering dedication and impressive performances. What’s even more exciting is that Cage isn’t the only notable star gracing the film’s cast. Michael Cera, recognized for his recent standout role as Allan in Barbie, is also part of the ensemble. Joining them is Julianne Nicholson, an Emmy winner acclaimed for her role in Mare of Easttown.

Audiences can also anticipate appearances by Dylan Baker from Hunters and Tim Meadows from The Goldbergs. The ensemble further boasts talents like Dylan Gelula (known for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), Kate Berlant (noted for Sorry to Bother You), Lily Gao (recognized for Slip), Noah Lamanna (featured in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds), Krista Bridges (known for Narc), Paula Boudreau (from Doc), Marnie McPhail (famous for The Edison Twins), Kaleb Horn (featured in The Kid Detective), and Sofia Banzhaf (noted for Closet Monster).

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Dream Scenario is helmed by the emerging filmmaker Kristoffer Borgli, whose work garnered significant attention among indie film enthusiasts last year with his critically acclaimed dramatic horror film, Sick of Myself. While Borgli may not yet be a globally recognized household name, the film benefits from the involvement of a prominent producer in the industry. Ari Aster, who has solidified his reputation as one of cinema’s biggest names, serves as one of the producers. Aster has enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with A24, having directed acclaimed films such as Hereditary, Midsommar, and Beau is Afraid, all of which are widely regarded as some of the most outstanding horror films of the past decade.

The film’s talented crew includes cinematographer Benjamin Loeb (known for Pieces of a Woman), production designer Zosia Mackenzie (recognized for Infinity Pool), art director John O’Regan (credited for Firestarter), art director Brittany Morrison (noted for Possessor), and costume designer Natalie Bronfman (famous for her work on The Handmaid’s Tale).