In reaction to an early web leak, Rockstar Games has officially released the GTA 6 trailer, fifteen hours ahead of schedule. 

About 20 minutes after the illegal release, and in response to rumors about the clip’s veracity, Rockstar released the trailer on their official YouTube channel, ostensibly acknowledging that it was already making the rounds.

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Rockstar Games has released the first 90-second trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI sooner than expected. Rockstar quickly unveiled the GTA VI teaser on its official YouTube page, refusing to allow the leak to ruin their surprise. The game’s and movie’s trailer is set in Vice City, a made-up city modeled after Miami.

The trailer is noteworthy because it features improved graphics designed specifically for the upcoming console generation, which may push the PS5 and Series X’s capabilities to their maximum. The visuals seem good, with more fluid in-game scenes and animations than in Grand Theft Auto V.

There will likely be more videos published in the upcoming months, along with potentially some developer breakdowns, so this first trailer is only the beginning.

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In addition to giving fans a sneak peek at the two main protagonists in the game, the newly released GTA 6 video revealed the projected release date of the sixth core chapter, which is presently set for 2025, barring any unforeseen delays. 

As seen in the video below, despite GTA 6’s far-off release date, fans still have much to explore thanks to the unexpected trailer release.

Several social media users were joyed after the trailer was released. One X user wrote, “Grand Theft Auto VI, GTA 6, or whatever you want to call it, is going to be the best video game in history 💥🔥 We have to wait until 2025 🗓️”

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“The new GTA 6 trailer make the game look like was actually worth it.” another user wrote.

One fan tweeted, “Even tho we have to wait till 2025 for GTA 6 I am just happy we finally have a release year instead of just hoping for it.#RockstarGames #GTA6trailer #GTAVI”