A chain gang member suffered a serious injury during the Saints’ loss to the Lions. In the second quarter, Nick Piazza was involved in a horrific event where he felt as though his legs were ripped out from under him by Lions linebacker Derrick Barnes pushing Alvin Kamara over the sideline with such force. 

After the incident, Piazza’s shoe came off, causing him to fall to the ground and immediately grab his injured left leg. After taking emergency action and applying an air cast to Piazza’s leg, he was wheeled off the field and rushed to an ambulance.

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Who is Nick Piazza?

Nick Piazza is an NFL official. He is a member of a chain gang member. He suffered a serious injury during the New Orleans Saints and Detroit Lions game.

Following the event, Piazza lost his shoe and fell to the ground, grabbing his injured left leg right away. Piazza was pushed off the field and hurried to an ambulance after emergency measures were taken, including bandaging his leg with an air cast.

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Piazza was taken to the hospital after the event, where his status is currently stable. In order to heal the injury to his left leg sustained during a Week 13 game at the Caesars Superdome on Sunday, NFL sideline official Nick Piazza is scheduled to have surgery. Piazza collided with Saints running back Alvin Kamara in the second quarter of the team’s 33-28 loss to the Lions (9-3). The impact caused a fractured fibula and a dislocated knee.

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After Piazza had an MRI on Monday morning, her blood vessels were found to be unbroken by the orthopedic doctor who examined her at the hospital. In response to the injuries, Piazza is anticipated to have surgery the following week, as per a social media tweet from Ross.