Singer Dua Lipa is severely being criticized after she failed to show up at Glastonbury for performing with singing legend Elton John.

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The Rocket Man himself, Sir Elton John, performed magnificently on the festival’s final night in 2023. On a momentous occasion, the legendary performer took the stage and enthralled the crowd with his enduring melody. He was joined on stage throughout the night by a number of renowned celebrities, who boosted the event’s energy and star power.

The music maestro made a dramatic arrival on the stage while donning a stunning gold suit. The audience held their breath as the pianist took a seat. He entered the stage with a flash of enthusiasm and captivated the audience with his interpretation of the timeless hit “Pinball Wizard.”

Elton John addressed the crowd saying, “I never thought I would ever play Glastonbury and here I am. It’s a very special and emotional night for me because it might be my last show ever in England, so I had better play well and I had better entertain you, you’ve been standing there so long and I really appreciate all the outfits and everything.”

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But Dua Lipa failed to join the list of celebrities after she missed the show. Several fans on Twitter circled the singer for her no-show, and she was heavily criticized for her action.

One user tweeted, “Sorry Dua Lipa but where on earth is more important to be right now than the headlining performance of Glastonbury with Elton John? To quote Shrek, “well someone better be dying”

“Elton when he next bumps into Dua Lipa”, another fan tweeted.

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Another user tweeted, “Dua Lipa not dropping whatever she is doing to sing Cold Heart with Elton John for his farewell at Glastonbury is loser behavior”