Makers of ‘Dune’ are back with a sequel that is set to dive deep into the world of Arrakis. The latest addition to the cast is Léa Seydoux, who will be playing the role of Lady Margot in the Warner Bros project, according to a report by Deadline. 

Seydoux is joining the star-studded ensemble that includes Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Josh Brolin, and Rebecca Ferguson, who will be reprising their roles. The cast will also include Christopher Walken, Austin Butler, and Florence Pugh.

‘Dune: Part Two’, which is slated to begin its production this fall, will hit theatres on October 20, 2023. It is written, directed and produced by Denis Villeneuve, along with co-writer Jon Spaihts.

The sequel’s executive producers are Herbert W. Gains, Josh Grode, Byron Merritt, Brian Herbert, Kim Herbert, John Harrison, Jon Spaihts, Richard P. Rubinstein, and Thomas Tull.

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Production designer Patrice Vermette, cinematographer Greig Fraser, makeup artist Donald Mowat, and costume designer Jacqueline West are also returning for the second installment. 

Meanwhile, music producer Hans Zimmer has already dropped hints about his work in ‘Dune: Part Two’. 

“I am just getting going. My job with directors is to do the thing they can’t imagine. Otherwise, they would be doing it themselves,” he told Variety.

Filmmaker Denis Villeneuve also talked about how Zimmer would keep sending him music even after the first film completed its editing stage. 

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 “[Joe] didn’t hear from Hans for a long time. He took a long time to experiment.” Later on, during editing, “we started receiving tons of music for weeks. It was like a big creative rush. It became a storm. When the movie was totally finished, Hans was still sending me music,” he said. 

The first part of ‘Dune’ had a box office opening of $41 million, a whopping amount that initiated plans for a sequel within weeks of the film’s release. The film earned $400 million worldwide and took home five Academy Awards.