Dylan Mulvaney was seen wearing a Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis-like pink dress at Paris Hilton’s Los Angeles concert on Wednesday.

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As the pictures of Mulvaney surfaced on the internet. People took no time in reacting to it.

The TikTok influencer wore a Nana Jacqueline blazer with feathered cuffs over a pink minidress, PageSix reported. Social media users were quick to react.

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“Dylan Mulvaney is a dude in a pink minidress and cropped tweed jacket,” a Twitter user wrote.

Another user wrote, “Jackie was a beautiful woman. Dylan is a man in a dress. There is no comparison.”

“This is a stretch. This is an “everyone gets a trophy” comparison. You can celebrate Dylan and also recognize everyone in a pink Chanel suit shouldn’t be compared to Jackie O,” another one said.

The actor recently faced criticism and backlash for being involved in a “controversial” advertising campaign for Bud Light. The campaign garnered negative attention and sparked public debate. Bud Light’s advertising with transgender celebrity Dylan Mulvaney last month resulted in a dramatic drop in sales and a subsequent stock downgrading. The campaign’s aftermath has had an ongoing impact on the beer brand’s popularity and perception.

Due to severe backlash, the brand reported a startling fall in the market value of $27 billion as of the end of May. Mulvaney, too, emphasized the unfavorable response’s influence, admitting sleep problems since the backlash arose.

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Last month, during an episode of the Dear Schuyler podcast, Mulvaney openly discussed the damaging impact that the overwhelming hatred and transphobia directed towards her have had on her well-being.

She recalled, “I remember even in college, just a few years ago, if one person potentially didn’t like me it would keep me up at night and now there are hundreds of thousands of people that do not like me.”