Two twin brothers, Franky Venegas and Alex, who go by the name of “The Island Boys” are among the most contentious users to emerge from TikTok.

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Franky Venegas’s Domestic Battery Charges:

Franky Venegas’ girlfriend reportedly told police they had a fight on Saturday at the pool area of their Airbnb in Pompano Beach after threatening to break up their marriage because of his “physically abusive behavior.”

She disclosed to PD that in a fit of rage, Venegas smacked her across the face, shoved her into the shallow end of the pool, and she fell, hitting her chin on the concrete below. When they spoke to her at a nearby hospital, police said they saw marks on her chin, legs, and arms.

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Police said that Venegas was subsequently taken into custody after they went to the Airbnb. However, before going, Venegas informed his fans by sharing a video of himself outside the jail.

The two 20-year-old brothers have quickly gained popularity as ‘Kodiyakredd’ and ‘Flyysoulja,’ thanks to their multiple tattoos, distinctive hairstyles, diamond teeth, and lyrics about being an “island boy.” In an interview, the brothers said that when their father passed away, they were raised by a single mother.

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Franky claimed that while they were growing up, they had run-ins with the law due to “burglaries, robberies, stolen cars.” The twins said that they first thought about a career in rap when they were teenagers and spent some time in jail.

“When I was locked up I had a lot of people were trying to be rappers, so I’m like, fuck it, I’m gonna dive into the game,” Alex said. “The only thing that’s good for me is robbing, which is not good, or rapping.”