Father’s Day is celebrated every year on third Sunday of June to honour fatherhood and paternal bonds. Celebrate the day by grabbing a tub of tasty popcorn, and our dads for company.

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A friend, guide, and philosopher all rolled into one, fathers are the unsung heroes of our lives. With Father’s Day on June 20, let’s mark this special occasion by grabbing a tub of tasty popcorn, a playlist of fabulous movies, and our wonderful dads for company.

Let’s take a look at five of the finest film that we can watch with our fathers:

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Jobs (2013)

Ashton Kutcher stars in the titular role of Steve Jobs, a college dropout destined for greatness but riddled with eccentricities. The PVR Pictures film tracks Jobs’s journey from being a gifted student, to his spiritual transformation while visiting India, and eventual reconciliation with Lisa, with whom he goes on to build a long and cherished bond, naming one of his most famous computers after her.

We’ve all had fights and misunderstandings with our dads, but in the end love always wins, which is what Jobs conveys, and the reason why it’s a must watch!

Made in Italy (2020)

Liam Neeson headlines the cast as Robert, a free spirited artist who is bottling up the pain of a dead wife. When his estranged son wishes to sell the Italian villa they own together, this sets the duo on a European voyage filled with fun, frolic and forgiveness, ultimately healing their broken connection.

The film asks us to let go of the past and cherish each moment spent with the people we call our own.

Pele: Birth of a Legend (2016)

Got a football crazy father at home? Why not dress up in your favourite jerseys and get ready to experience a film on one of the greatest athletes of all time? The film follows Edson Arantes do Nascimento, famously known as Pele and his historic catapult into football stardom thanks to immense talent and relentless hard work.

Nebraska (2013)

A bittersweet ode to fathers, this Alexander Payne directorial doesn’t shy away from showing the awkward freckles in a parent and child’s relationship.

A road trip movie made with raw honesty, if your dad is someone who likes cinema that is different and distinct, you’ve found your pick for Father’s Day!

Den of Thieves (2018)

If slick action thrillers get your “old man” pumped, this Gerard Butler starrer will surely make his day!

‘Den of Thieves’ plays out like a tense cat and mouse game where you never know which side will prevail. Butler is complemented by a crackling cast that includes American Gods fame Pablo Schreiber along with O’Shea Jackson Jr.