Naomi Campbell, the renowned supermodel who made her name in the ’80s and ’90s, has once again captured the spotlight. The 53-year-old beauty recently announced the arrival of her second child, a baby boy, proving that it’s never too late to embrace motherhood. This joyful news has also reignited curiosity about Campbell’s dating history, particularly her relationships with Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio and R&B sensation Usher.

Relationship History

Throughout her life, Campbell has been linked to numerous famous and influential men, including Adam Clayton, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Robert De Niro, Badr Jafar, Louis Camilleri, Skepta, Liam Payne, Hassan Jameel, and Usher. However, two men have played significant roles in her romantic life: businessman Flavio Briatore and international real estate developer Vladislav Doronin.

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Flavio Briatore

Campbell’s relationship with Flavio Briatore, the former head of Formula One racing, lasted from 1998 to 2003. They even became engaged but eventually called it off. Despite their breakup, Briatore still holds Campbell in high regard, describing her as a “sweet and generous girl” in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. Interestingly, Campbell considers Briatore her mentor and has been known to spend time with his current wife, Elisabetta Gregoraci.

Vladislav Doronin

In 2008, Campbell crossed paths with Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin at the Cannes Film Festival, and their encounter marked the beginning of a significant relationship. A friend of Campbell revealed that her life felt more balanced and disciplined during her time with Doronin. However, their love story took a turn in 2013 when Doronin was allegedly caught with model Luo Zilin. The couple eventually parted ways.

Despite the end of their romantic relationship, Campbell and Doronin remain connected. In 2020, Campbell sued Doronin to retrieve personal items, while he counter-sued, claiming she owed him money and property valued at over $3 million.

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Naomi Campbell’s dating history is a testament to her glamorous and eventful life. From her engagement to Flavio Briatore to her passionate affair with Vladislav Doronin, she has experienced both the highs and lows of love. However, with the recent arrival of her second child, Campbell’s focus has undoubtedly shifted towards the joy of motherhood. As one of the most iconic supermodels of her time, she continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her timeless beauty and remarkable journey.