Naomi Campbell is a mom of two!

The renowned supermodel, 53, already has a daughter, but she recently announced the birth of a son on social media.

The beautiful star shared a photo of her holding her infant on social media, and the child appeared to have his elder sister’s hand in hers as she held him.

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“My little darling, know that you are cherished beyond measure and surrounded by love from the moment you graced us with your presence. A True Gift from God, blessed ! Welcome Babyboy. #mumoftwo,” she wrote, adding, “It’s never too late to become a mother.”

In a previous interview with British Vogue, the notoriously secretive model said she could “count on one hand” the amount of individuals who knew she was expecting her first child.

“She is the biggest blessing I could ever imagine, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” she told the glossy publication.

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Campbell confirmed in the interview that her daughter was not adopted, which sparked rumors that she had given birth to her child through a surrogate. According to Vogue, Campbell stated that she would be keeping the specifics of her daughter’s birth private and reserving them for her unwritten book. The model claimed, “She wasn’t adopted; she’s my child.

She was last seen last week without a baby bump, but it’s unknown if she was the mother or if a surrogate was employed.

For those who don’t know, Naomi announced the birth of her first child back in 2021, describing her as a “beautiful little blessing.” However, she has been largely discreet about her daughter, only revealing brief images of her.

Although the identity of Naomi’s children’s father is unknown, the model has previously given science credit, saying it allowed her to start a family “when she wanted.”