Laura Lee Watts is a social media sensation who rose to fame on Tiktok thanks to her realistic beauty reviews and cheerful parenting posts. However, the well-known TikToker’s announcement that her daughter had recently passed suddenly left the social media community in shock.

After years of fighting epilepsy, Savannah Watts, who was 15 years old, has died, according to Laura Lee Watts.  The mother-of-three and TikTok celebrity shared the tragic news with her followers in a video on Monday, February 13.

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How did Savannah Watts die?

Savannah was discovered to have Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome, a serious form of epilepsy in which seizures start before the age of four.

Laura disclosed Savannah’s condition in a video she posted in August 2021, which she developed around the time she was three or four. Savannah’s seizures increased in frequency and severity as she grew older.

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“Her neurologist and I always hoped that she would just outgrow it as she went through puberty but she did not — actually it just got a lot worse,” Laura explained in the video. “She has different types of seizures and it’s really hard to control so you never know when she’s gonna have a seizure.”

Sharing the sad news through a TikTok video, the grief-stricken mother said: “I can not believe I’m making this video, and I’m going to do my best to get through it. Most of you know I have three children, and my oldest is Savannah. She’s 15, and she’s epileptic. I know you guys really loved her, so I wanted to let you know that yesterday morning she had a fatal seizure and passed away.”

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As soon as Laura Lee disclosed the sad death of her daughter, responses poured in from Laura’s fans and people on social media who remembered Savannah and offered sympathy to the family.