As the release of Dune: Part Two approaches, fans are wondering how many movies will be made to adapt Frank Herbert’s epic sci-fi series

Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune novels has been a hot topic in the world of sci-fi for some time. With the first installment of the movie receiving great acclaim, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Dune: Part Two in November 2023. But will this be the end of Paul Atreides’ story on the big screen?

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It’s worth noting that Herbert’s novel is a long one, with multiple storylines and character arcs that make it almost impossible to fit into one movie. That’s why Villeneuve decided to split it into two parts. But the potential for a third movie was hinted at by the film’s co-writer Jon Spaihts in an interview with Playlist. Spaihts said that Denis has talked seriously about making the third film, which would be an adaptation of Dune Messiah, as a conclusion of the trilogy.

Dune Messiah picks up years after the close of Dune and deconstructs it, playing as a cautionary tale about the dangers of blending religion and politics and the hazards of following charismatic leaders. The novel also explores the dangerous struggle between the individual and institutions. There are hints of foreboding about what may be yet to come, which could suggest the potential for more movies.

When asked if Dune: Part Two could hint at a future for the characters rather than tying it all up with a bow, Spaihts responded that there are a few tantalizing strands that lead into the future, despite the fact that the ending of Dune as a novel, which will be the ending of the second film, is a very satisfying conclusion.

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Although Villeneuve has no desire to turn Dune into a franchise, he is very interested in adapting Dune Messiah and turning the movies into a trilogy. However, executives may want more if they see a way to make more money. As it stands, we only know for sure that we will have Dune: Part One and Dune: Part Two on the big screen, with the latter set for release in theaters on Nov. 3.

Aside from the movies, there is also a television series on the way, Dune: The Sisterhood, which is in production for HBO. This story will look at how the wheels began turning a millennia before Paul’s story, at the coven that would go on to become the Bene Gesserit.

Much like Tolkien, Herbert created a huge universe within which his stories take place, and there is plenty of material to be mined for adaptation if one so chooses. For now, all we can do is wait and see whether we will get the trilogy that Villeneuve desires, or whether Dune: Part Two will be the end of Paul Atreides’ story on the big screen.