Disney has released the latest trailer for their upcoming TV series Ms. Marvel, a woman who is related to Captain Marvel, but not in the way you may assume.

Now that the Infinity Saga has concluded, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is continuing to expand, and beginning with Phase 4, it is now now covering TV episodes that will relate to the movies, as opposed to what Netflix’s Marvel shows did. Marvel has a large number of TV shows, one of which is Ms. Marvel, which will premiere exclusively on Disney+ on June 8 and introduce people to Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani).

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Since 2008, the MCU has brought a number of Marvel Comics characters and villains to the big screen, and one that fans have been eager to see is Kamala Khan, a Pakistani American adolescent girl who takes on the mantle of Ms. Marvel.

The show will tell the origin story of the title character. To make things even more exciting and interesting, Kamala’s future after her TV show is already set, as she will return in The Marvels, the much-anticipated sequel to Captain Marvel, making her relation to Captain Marvel even stronger and layered.

In the comics, Kamala Khan uncovers she has Inhuman genes, which give her superpowers after being induced by the Terrigen Bomb. As a result, Kamala has the capacity to modify her body by elongating it, adjusting her height and stature (she can grow as tall as a building or become as thin as paper), changing her image to look like other people, and she has accelerated healing. 

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Ms. Marvel is Kamala’s superhero name because she idolises Carol Danvers, who used the same codename years ago in the comics. In the MCU, Kamala Khan will have the same relationship to Captain Marvel, with the youthful hero looking up to Larson’s Carol Danvers.

As part of the Disney+ Day celebrations, the Mouse House released the first look at Ms. Marvel, which shows Kamala in awe of a Captain Marvel sculpture, followed by footage of her powers emerging around her, maybe for the first time. Following footage shows Kamala utilising her powers and wearing her (homemade?) outfit, she is heard remarking, “It’s not really the brown girls from Jersey who save the world.”

Kamala is inspired by Captain Marvel and her history as a hero on Earth and beyond, just as she is in the comics, as she sees her as a source of empowerment, giving her the impetus she needs to become a superhero.

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The Marvels will feature three separate Captain Marvels: Danvers, Kamala, and Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Parris), who obtained superpowers in WandaVision and in the comics went by “Captain Marvel” at some time.

Ms. Marvel is thus intimately linked to Captain Marvel and her upcoming film The Marvels, which will link them together (and, possibly, Danvers will be the one who bestows the title of Ms. Marvel on Kamala), however whether Carol Danvers will participate in Kamala’s TV series remains to be seen.

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There’s still a lot to discover about Kamala Khan’s affection for Captain Marvel and how she’ll receive her powers now that she can’t have Inhuman genes, so there could be further parallels between these two characters.