Ronnie Hillman, former Denver Broncos running back died after prolonged suffering due to liver cancer, in hospice. He was 31 at the time. 

Former teammate Derek Wolfe spoke on Hillman’s condition before his death. “He’s got terrible liver cancer, and he’s in hospice right now. It does not appear to be good. I’m putting it out there that he has pneumonia just to wish him well,” revealed Wolfe. 

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Hillman’s family revealed that the Late footballer was in hospice for quite some time after being diagnosed with Renal Medullary Carcinoma, which predominantly affects young people with the sickle cell trait. 

The family collectively issued a statement regarding Hillman’s death. “As a family, we hope beyond hope and have faith that we can move mountains. We also realize that God’s will does not always follow our own. Therefore, as a family, we submit to the will of our Almighty God,” they stated. 

Tributes have poured in for the Hillman. Veteran NFL player Orlando Franklin requested prayers for him. “Please pray for Ronnie Hillman … this ain’t fair, please god, please,” Franklin tweeted. 

Denver Broncos took to their Twitter to revisit the legacy of Hillman. 

“Broncos Country let’s say a prayer for #34 Ronnie Hillman who is dealing with some health issues at the moment. Go Broncos,” said user Bronco Jeff. 

 Lindsay Jones, a journalist at Ringer tweeted about it before the passing away of Hillman, referring to statements made by Franklin and Wolfe, who described how dire the situation was for the now-deceased NFL star

Several Broncos fan accounts posted about Hillman as well. 

“RIP Ronnie Hillman 😢 Forever in the hearts of Broncos Country. Say hi to DT for all of us,” posted a sports fan Nick Bracken.

Hillman was a part of Broncos’ offensive line. He worked with three NFL franchises, albeit finding most success with Denver Broncos. 

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Wolfe paid his respect, describing Hillman as “excellent footballer, fantastic person, great teammate, just an all-around terrific dude.”