A fan carried a gun inside the tribute concert held for American Idol finalist Iam Tongi, in O’ahu’s North Shore on Tuesday, May 16, and posted about it on social media, raising people’s safety concerns.

In a video shared privately and subsequently uploaded on social media, a fan was seen carrying a firearm inside the venue. The video was posted on a popular Instagram account, @thehungryhungryhawaiian. The gun was packed inside their bag during the performance.

The incident is being investigated by the Hawaii Police Department (HPD). Anyone with any relevant information regarding the incident has been urged to come forward. No threats were reported at the concert.

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Nevertheless, people voice doubt their doubts about the lack of security measures implemented at the event. Although the concert held at Turtle Bay was attended by thousands of fans, basic security procedures like bag checks and metal detectors were not administered.

In a statement to Hawaii News Now, Former Honolulu Deputy Police Chief John McCarthy said: “There should have been some sort of gate check or bag search. It’s almost unheard of that you go into an event without such a thing.”

The event was reportedly arranged on short notice, according to the organizers. There were 40 Honolulu police officers and 70 private security guards at the event.

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Many of the concertgoers felt that the security measures were adequate and that the spirit of “Aloha” and the message of peace advocated by Iam Tongi should negate the necessity for rigid security measures.

Edith Domingo, a concertgoer, told HNN: “That’s how people live in Hawaii. We have Aloha, and we don’t think we need to check a bag because that’s how I am trying to bring to the world, Aloha, peaceful.” Honolulu Mayor, Rick Blangiardi also attended the concert. He stayed the entire duration of the event without any security concerns.

State Senator Brenton Awa said that no one who attended the concert will remember in that someone got a gun into the event. “It’s about how we rallied together against the odds and pulled off a safe event where everyone had a chance to be a part of Iam Tongi’s journey to becoming the next American Idol,” he said.