YouTuber Colby Brock, best known for the channel Sam and Colby, made headlines after he posted a lengthy letter on his Twitter account on February 7 announcing to his fans that he had been diagnosed with testicular cancer.

“I went to see a doctor for some pain I was having in my lower pelvis/left testicle, and after scans/blood work, I was told I have a mass in my ball that was 95% likely to be cancer,” he stated. After the heartbreaking news, fans of the 26-year-old YouTuber started digging into Brock’s relationship status.

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Is Colby Brock gay?

Although Brock was briefly linked to fellow YouTuber Amber Scholl, 27, who rose to prominence by creating viral videos for teens. She has over a million Instagram followers.

Rumors about a possible romance between Brock and Scholl started after both of them posted a film showcasing the other in mid-2020. The YouTubers continue to appear in both their videos and social media posts. Although rumors of them being romantically together started a while back, the social media personalities have confessed that they are ‘just friends.’

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Brock has never confirmed his sexual orientation. However, after he came across articles that suggested that he was dating YouTuber Sam Golbach, Colby addressed the speculation himself in one of his videos. While he did not directly address the rumors, he mocked them and titled the video Colby Brock Coming Out.

Golbach is his best friend and together they have a YouTube channel called Sam and Colby. Broack and Golbach met as freshman band nerds during their high school summer band camp. At the time both of them liked the same girl but were both too nervous to approach her. This is why they agreed to help each other acquire confidence.