Youtuber Dharminder “Dhar” Mann is making headlines on the internet as his employees launched an online protest against him. Actor Colin A Borden have also joined the call to question Mann for not paying his employees appropriately.

The news went viral as a number of staff members started questioning the low pay at his channel. Instead of responding to the concerns, Mann’s channel started firing the protesting employees. This escalated the issue and soon the news went viral all over.

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Who is Dhar Mann?
Dhar Mann is a YouTuber and entrepreneur based in the US. He is popularly known for his video production company that goes by the name, Dhar Mann Studios. Man was born to emigrated parents, Surinder and Baljit Singh Mann. The Manns started ‘Friendly Cab’, a taxi cab service that operates in Oakland, California.

Mann began his career in entrepreneurship journey when he was only nineteen years old. He started with a real estate company moving forward to luxury car rental services and more. Furthermore, he co-founded weGrow, a retailer of cannabis-growing hydroponics with ex-broker Derek Peterson. This new venture led to his first controversy when Peterson filed a lawsuit against him as the company closed in 2011. The suit was regarding “unpaid debts”, however, Mann continued to denied all charges.

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Subsequently, in 2018, Mann moved on to his next venture, a video production company named Dhar Mann Studios. His company produces films for social media platforms such as YouTube. The Studios started with motivational videos and later shifted to morality plays. In 2021, Mann also launched a mobile app in collaboration with Creative Artists Agency. Till now, Mann Studios have managed to generate a subscriber base of 17.8 million on YouTube.