The Lincoln Memorial in Washington faced vandalism as pro-Palestinian slogans, including “FREE GAZA,” were sprayed on its steps with red paint.

The iconic Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., fell victim to vandalism as pro-Palestinian sentiments were displayed overnight. U.S. Park Police and local reports confirm that phrases such as “Free Gaza” and “Free Palestine” were scrawled in red paint across the steps of the memorial, accompanied by calls to “Give Land Back.”

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Watch the video below:

The U.S. Park Police, acknowledging the incident, stated that the graffiti was discovered in the area of the Lincoln Memorial Circle and the Reflecting Pool. Although the exact time remains unconfirmed, DC News Now reported that the vandalism likely occurred overnight Tuesday, prompting cleanup crews to respond around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

The National Park Service conservators initiated the paint removal process Wednesday morning. The steps on the west side of the Reflecting Pool are temporarily closed as the cleanup unfolds, and authorities anticipate it might take several days.

The act of vandalism adds to a series of incidents reflecting heightened tensions following Israel’s conflict with Hamas. Protests and instances of vandalism have surged in various locations, including Washington, D.C. Several offices, including those of congressional members, reported acts of vandalism in recent weeks.

This incident is part of a broader pattern, with Rep. Adam Smith revealing earlier vandalism at his home by individuals advocating for a cease-fire in Israel and Gaza. Other instances include the defacement of a synagogue in Washington and the spray-painting of pro-Palestinian slogans at the New York City district office of Rep. Dan Goldman.

The Lincoln Memorial, a symbol of national unity, is now temporarily closed as authorities work to remove the graffiti and investigate the act of vandalism. The U.S. Park Police encourages anyone with information to contact their tip line.

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As the cleanup progresses, Washington faces a renewed challenge in preserving its landmarks from acts of protest and political expression, with the Lincoln Memorial becoming the latest casualty in a string of such incidents.