A group of pro-Palestinian activists, led by Layan Fuleihan, the educational director at the People’s Forum, gathered at the home of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Christmas morning. The demonstration aimed to convey their stance on Palestine, but it sparked controversy due to its approach.

The People’s Forum, known for organizing various pro-Palestinian rallies advocating for the end of the Jewish nation, has received substantial financial backing, estimated at around $20.4 million between 2017 and 2022. Key figures in funding the group are Neville Roy Singham and Jodie Evans.

Who is Layan Fuleihan?

Layan Fuleihan serves as the Education Director at The People’s Forum. She is renowned for her role as a popular educator, organizer, and an ardent student of both historical and contemporary struggles faced by oppressed groups. Fuleihan’s educational methodology and approach have been shaped by her extensive experience working with youth and families in diverse settings, including schools, libraries, and community and feminist organizations​​​​.

In addition to her role at The People’s Forum, Fuleihan is also an editor at 1804 Books. Her work extends beyond the realm of education, encompassing broader issues such as global social movements and advocacy. For instance, she has been actively involved in discussions regarding the support for Palestine in the U.S., reflecting her engagement with international political issues and movements​​​​.

Her position at The People’s Forum also involves moderating events and programs. The People’s Summit, for example, is one of the platforms where Fuleihan has contributed her expertise as a moderator, further emphasizing her role in facilitating important discussions on various socio-political issues.