Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters have disrupted the entrance to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), causing significant traffic congestion and bringing travelers to a standstill. The activists are demanding a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza conflict and an end to Israeli occupation, among other grievances.

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The protesters, who initially gathered near an In-N-Out Burger north of the airport, marched down the streets, holding signs urging Israel and the United States to broker a lasting ceasefire. Their demonstration reached a critical point when they halted traffic at the intersection of 98th Street and Vicksburg Avenue, near one of the airport entrances.

As the situation unfolded, LAPD intervened to prevent the protesters from advancing closer to the airport. Travelers faced disruptions and delays as the demonstration persisted, highlighting the tensions surrounding the ongoing conflict in the Middle East.

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The video footage captures the impassioned plea of the protesters, emphasizing their call for an immediate and lasting resolution to the conflict. The situation at LAX underscores the broader impact of international events on local communities and the varied ways people express their solidarity and demands for change.