Dan Benson, an alum of ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ feels “badass” after trading his Disney career for starring in adult films nearly a year ago.

“Mental health wise I feel good. I don’t feel bad about myself,” Benson, who became known for playing Zeke Beakerman in the popular show a year ago, said via TikTok Monday. “I feel kind of like a badass a little bit. I’m feeling good. I’m excited about the future. I don’t really feel bad about my decisions at all.”

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Benson, 35, who has presently become an Only Fans model, shared that he felt a bit of “confusion” after announcing his decision because he has originally anticipated a lot of backlash from his fans. However, he received more words of “empowerment” than “hate.” He added that many of his fans have walked up to him on street to say that they support his decision and even gave him a hug.

However, Benson said that even in porn, he has his restrictions. “Now, there are plenty of people on a daily basis asking me and demanding I do things that I don’t feel comfortable doing, but I’ve kind of just been in a position to just be like, ‘No, you’re gonna get what you’re gonna get. You’re gonna get what I’m comfortable with sharing with the world,'” he said.

Is Dan Benson gay?

While many fans are under the impression that Dan Benson is gay, he is actually straight but has a huge following in the gay community due to the fact that the majority of OnlyFans community are gay men. Benson shares his shirtless photos in order to maintain his followers among that community.

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“I try to make content that lots of different kinds of people could enjoy but the reality is, the significant portion of my followers are gay men. I don’t know what it is about me, in particular, but I don’t question it,” Benson said in an interview with E! Online earlier this this year.

Benson made it clear that he was not gay. “I’m comfortable with my sexuality. I have a ton of gay friends, I’ve been immersed in the culture for a long time, so [the attraction] never bothered me, the way it might other straight men in that way. I lean into it,” he said.

Benson also noted that he wanted to give back to the LGBTQ community that has given him so much support.

“I have such a profound respect and admiration for the gay community and I’m working really hard at being an advocate for gay rights, trans rights,” he said.

Last year, he helped raise more than $60,000 for the Trevor Project, which aids at-risk LGBTQ+ youth. “Those are the kinds of things that make it so I feel really good about the direction I’m going,” he said. “I want to take that momentum and direct it toward fighting for the causes and communities that need outspoken supporters.”