Internet users suspected English gamer Daz Black to have passed away as he is currently suffering from a “severe” illness. The gamer took to his Twitter to confirm that he needed to “take a few days off” because he is currently suffering from “severe food poisoning.”

“I have severe food poisoning. I need to rest guys and take few days off,” Black tweeted. 

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The rumors were fueled after a video on TikTok claimed that claims Daz Games, Black’s username on YouTube, had passed away. The video then showed the YouTuber on a roller coaster ride. 

The Englishman was quite popular in the days of the social network ‘Vine’, where he posted comedy sketches. He rose to mainstream attention when he began posting screen recording of his gameplay, complemented with hilarious commentary. 

This is not the first time Black was rumored to be dead. In 2018, he posted a tweet, confirming that he was not dead. “I’m not dead [laughing emojis],” the tweet said, as a hilarious take on the rumors that were being circulated. 

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Users started questioning Black’s whereabouts, which is when he confirmed that he has been away in London and at premieres, the reason why he had not been active on social media. The YouTuber also noted that many people were asking if he was dead. 

“I ain’t dead, you can’t kill Daz,” Black said in a video as he laughed. 

Black was also in the news after he shared his opinion on controversial figure Andrew Tate. “Most women wouldn’t go near you if you were made of gold, Tate, and if they do decide to make the terrible mistake of getting with you, they realise they don’t want to be a slave.” said Black as he addressed Tate directly, Sun reported.