Jacky Oh’s cosmetics line is experiencing a tremendous increase in sales as a result of her passing, and there are rumors that her young daughter may someday take over the company.

In the wake of her unexpected death, orders for Jacky’s beauty line, J Nova Collection, are flooding in, and the products are quickly running out.

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Since Jacky passed away two weeks ago, the business has received over 2,000 orders, with lip liner, lip gloss, and eyelashes among the most popular goods. The website had to be taken down at one point because of the massive spike in traffic.

The brand is named after Nova, the first child of Jacky and DC Young Fly, and Jacky intends to keep it going while maybe becoming Nova the brand’s spokesperson.

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In addition to her sister Megan, who works as the brand’s design director, Jacky was very hands-on with the J Nova Collection. Her family and friends are all helping to manage the business in the meantime and get all the orders delivered out.

Nova is just six years old, so it will be a while until she manages the commercial side of her mother’s brand, but the family intends to have a meeting shortly to decide who will take the helm going ahead.