Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis in an interview with the After School Radio show revealed that Foo Fighters song ‘My Hero’ inspired the writing for the second instalment of the Apple TV+ comedy show. He spoke about how the rock band’s song was important in the writing process and its influence on his acting. 

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He said that the relationship between the song ‘My Hero’ by Foo Fighters and Ted Lasso is similar to music-influenced comedy sketches. When Sudeikis heard the track for the first time he “felt that I saw a whole movie about that song.”

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Sudeikis, also the co-creator of the show said that the connection is based on the comedian’s technique to write a sketch, which often involves songs. He added, “For me the reason why I feel like it changed my life was, I’ve done sketch comedy, and I liked writing and I still like writing to songs if there’s a song that inspires a sketch idea. When we were on SNL (Saturday Night Live) I would write a lot of sketches to music.”

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He also spoke about his favourite recurring sketches, which he refers to as ‘bar songs’ which involves ‘four guys sitting around listening to a song.’ He recounted, “The first one I did was an idea that I’d had to ‘Danny’s Song’ by Loggins and Messina.”

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He added further, “Especially when it’s something that went verse into the chorus, verse into the chorus, you would tell a story joke during the verse, and then everybody comes into the chorus and sings the chorus. Then you go, ‘Oh, you know, this song reminds me of this, this song reminds me of that and then you go into that.’”