Jennifer Aniston has disabled comments on her Instagram account in the aftermath of the controversy over Jamie Foxx’s inflammatory Instagram post.

The scandal broke last week when the actor, 55, rushed to Instagram to write an emotive message that read: ‘They crucified this person called Jesus… what do you think they’ll do to you???!’ The hashtags #fakefriends and #fakelove were added later.

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Jennifer appeared to ‘like’ the remark, which was labelled antisemitic by a number of followers, and she soon distanced herself from the incident.

Jennifer made her own post to separate herself from the perceived conflict, and Jamie responded with a statement stressing that he did not want to offend the Jewish community when he posted the remark.

Before shutting off her comments, the Friends star swiftly condemned the image and denied any involvement to it on her Instagram Stories, writing: ‘This actually makes me ill. I didn’t “like” this post on intent or by chance.”

In her post, Jennifer continued: ‘And more importantly, I want to be clear to my friends and anyone hurt by this showing up in their feeds — I do NOT support any form of antisemitism. And I truly don’t tolerate HATE of any kind. Period.’

Jamie, who had been recovering from a hospitalisation and health scare, attempted to make amends on Saturday by penning his own explanation of his now-deleted tweet.

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‘I want to apologise to the Jewish community and to everyone who was hurt by my post,’ he added. I now realise that my choice of words caused offence, and I apologise. That was not my intention…’

‘To clarify, I was deceived by a phoney friend, which is what I meant by “they,” not anything else. I only have love for everyone in my heart…’

‘I like and support the Jewish people. Please accept my heartfelt apologies to everyone who was upset. Always nothing but love, Jamie Foxx.’