Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson, once a celebrated Hollywood couple, have officially parted ways after three years of marriage.

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In 2018, Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson first crossed paths at Usher’s birthday celebration. Their connection was instant, setting the stage for a remarkable love story.


In August 2019, rumors swirled when the couple was seen obtaining a marriage license in Beverly Hills, hinting at their impending nuptials.

The whispers became reality as Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson quietly wed in December 2019, marking a significant milestone in their relationship.


The couple embraced parenthood with the birth of their daughter in April 2020, adding a new dimension to their love story.


In 2021, Jodie Turner-Smith publicly praised Joshua Jackson for his unwavering support and their striking similarities, reaffirming their strong bond.

Surprising fans, Joshua Jackson revealed in June that Jodie Turner-Smith had proposed to him during a romantic beach walk in Nicaragua.


The couple made headlines with their Met Gala appearance, displaying their fashion sense and love for one another.

In September of that year, Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson continued to show their affection for each other, from intimate photoshoots to casual dinner dates.


They shared touching moments of encouragement and reflection in March, showcasing their deep connection and mutual support.

In April of 2023, Joshua Jackson admitted that meeting Jodie Turner-Smith changed his views on marriage and family, illustrating the transformative power of their relationship.

The couple made a stylish appearance at New York Fashion Week in September of this year, highlighting their enduring love and shared interests.


Unfortunately, the love story has taken a turn as Jodie Turner-Smith filed for divorce from Joshua Jackson, officially ending their marriage after over three years.

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While their relationship has seen moments of love, support, and celebration, it has ultimately come to a close.