Laverne Cox stepped on a dazzling display at the 65th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles wearing a magnificent black gown and bronze ancient Egyptian deities adorning her bust. Cox’s faux leather and gold ensemble on the red carpet was among the top looks at the 2023 Grammys.

Cox, who is best known for playing Sophia Burset in the popular television series Orange Is the New Black, has paved the way for transwomen in mainstream media. She went on to appear in and host reality shows after the seven seasons of the television series as well as launch a musical career. She is given an incredibly fascinating look on the red stage, quite similar to the celebration in 2022.

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Laverne Cox with Machine Gun Kelly:

Laverne Cox, who is hosting the red carpet at Grammys 2023, was praised for ‘beautifully handling’ an interview with rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

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“A struggling Machine Gun Kelly was painful to watch and Laverne Cox giving words and compassion and empathy and understanding to him is marvelous to watch,” a Twitter user wrote.

Laverne also observed that during Machine Gun Kelly’s tense conversation on the red carpet of the 2023 Grammy Awards, his fiancée, Megan Fox, was made to stand at the back. “Your beautiful fiancée is here. Do you want to bring her over and say hi?” The 32-year-old celebrity was asked by Laverne Cox, to which he politely declined and kept standing alone in a glittering silver outfit.

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“She told me to give her a look if I am feeling too vulnerable or anything, but I feel alright,” he replied.