Leandro De Niro, the grandson of renowned actor Robert De Niro, has become one of the latest casualties of the devastating fentanyl crisis that continues to plague communities across the nation. The 19-year-old’s untimely death is suspected to be a result of a possible overdose, as authorities investigate the presence of drugs near his body.

Leandro’s mother, Drena De Niro, confirmed the ongoing police investigation into her son’s death and expressed her belief that someone knowingly sold him drugs laced with the lethal substance.

In an emotional Instagram post, she condemned those who continue to participate in the dangerous trade, saying, “Someone sold him fentanyl-laced pills that they knew were laced yet still sold them to him. So for all these people still fking around selling and buying this s*, my son is gone forever.”

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The official cause of Leandro De Niro’s death has not yet been determined by the Medical Examiner’s office, as toxicology tests are still pending. However, the discovery of drugs and drug paraphernalia at the scene has led investigators to suspect an overdose.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has also joined the case, indicating a focused effort to identify and apprehend the individual responsible for supplying the tainted drugs.

Leandro was found deceased inside a New York City apartment after a friend grew concerned and went to check on him. The tragedy has deeply affected his family, including his grandfather, Robert De Niro, who released a statement expressing his profound distress and requesting privacy during this time of mourning.

The loss of Leandro De Niro serves as a stark reminder of the far-reaching consequences of the fentanyl crisis, which has claimed countless lives and devastated families nationwide. It highlights the urgent need for comprehensive efforts to combat the production, distribution, and consumption of these dangerous substances.

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As authorities continue their investigation into Leandro’s death, the hope remains that justice will be served, and his tragic passing will contribute to the collective call for greater awareness, prevention, and support in tackling the ongoing opioid epidemic.