Mr Harrigan’s Phone, directed by John Lee Hancock is a new Hollywood horror movie. It was released on Netflix on October 5. The film stars Donald Sutherland and Jaedan Martell in major roles and is based on a novella of the same name by Stephen King from his 4-book collection named If It Bleeds. The other 3 books in the collection are The Life of Chuck, If It Bleeds and Rat. The film marks veteran Canadian actor Donald Sutherland’s second film of the year after Moonfall.

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Plot: The film primarily revolves around 2 characters, an elderly gentleman named Mr Harrigan and a young Craig who works for the former. The two bond very well. Harrigan gives Craig a winning lottery ticket. Craig spends a part of the money thus won on buying a cell phone for Mr Harrigan. Soon, Harrigan passes away and Craig buries the iPhone with his friend. Things take a turn when Craig sends a voice note to Harrigan’s phone on being bullied by someone. He later discovers that the bully is found dead, with the cause of death unascertained. Another similar incident follows, with an identical manner of death too. Craig rationalises that though dead, Mr Harrigan’s spirit has acted on his behalf whenever he puts across a message. The film ends with Craig throwing his old phone into a lake.

Cast: The film which stars Donald Sutherland (Mr Harrigan) and Jaedan Martell (Craig) in lead roles, also features Kirby Howell- Baptiste, Joe Tippett, Cyrus Arnold and Carl Zohan.

Trailer:  The film’s 2 min 31 sec long trailer was released by Netflix on 15 September 2022.


The author was excited with the film adaptation and called it “nothing short of brilliant”.

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Users had mixed reactions with some praising the film while a few failed to get the entertainment they sought out for.