Global K-Pop sensation BTS bagged its second award at the 2021 edition of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) on Sunday, with the hit ‘Butter’ being adjudged as the ‘Best K-POP’ of the year 

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This is the South Korean group’s second award of the night, after also winning the ‘Group of the Year’. The superstar band received a whopping 25 million votes for the award.

While the seven-member group wasn’t present in-person to receive their awards, they did send a video message to the VMAs , wherein they thanked the awards and the ARMY, saying “We feel your love every minute and second.”

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‘Butter’ shattered a number of Guinness World Records when it was released on July 9, including three records they set with their single ‘Dynamite’ in the year 2020 within 24 hours of its release. 

‘Dynamite’ had the biggest YouTube premier of all time, with 3.89 million viewers watching the song’s launch live. It was also the fastest music video to clock 10 million and 20 views on YouTube, reaching the milestone in just 13 minutes and 54 minutes respectively.

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It was also the most-viewed video in 24 hours of its launch, garnering 108 million views. Apart from YouTube it also broke the record for being the most streamed song on Spotify in 24 hours with over 11 million streams. 

The single has also reigned on top of the Billboard Hot 100 list for 10 straight weeks, the longest streak of the year – surpassing the eight weeks that Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Driver’s License’ was number one. It was also the longest streak achieved by a group since 1995, when ‘One Sweet Day’ – a song by Mariah Carey and R&B group Boyz II Men – ruled the chart for 16 straight weeks. 

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BTS was also the “first act to displace itself at No. 1 with a new leader and then send the previous No. 1 back to the summit with no other acts holding the top spot in between”, Billboard said when the group’s ‘Permission to Dance’ replaced ‘Butter’ at the top of the charts.