Noah Schnapp, the American-Jewish actor is under fire for liking a video mocking victims in Gaza.

Mai Alkaila, the Minister of Health in Gaza, has reported that 16 out of the 35 hospitals in Gaza are currently non-operational. In addition to this, 51 out of the 72 health centers in the region are also unable to provide medical services. This dire situation has left Gaza’s medical facilities ill-equipped to offer treatment to the injured and sick, primarily due to a severe shortage of medical supplies and fuel.

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Alkaila has made allegations that Israel’s military is deliberately targeting medical facilities in Gaza. She strongly refutes the Israeli Defense Forces’ (IDF) claims that Hamas is operating from within hospitals, deeming these claims as weak justifications for attacking these establishments and causing harm to innocent civilians.

The situation in Gaza extends beyond the healthcare system. Access to food, especially in northern Gaza, is notably restricted. Even access to bread in the southern part of Gaza faces challenges. The World Food Program (WFP) has reported that the only functional mill in Gaza is unable to grind wheat due to a lack of electricity and fuel. Moreover, since October 7, 11 bakeries have been destroyed, and only a few, including one contracted by WFP, intermittently provide bread to shelters based on the availability of flour and fuel. This has resulted in long queues at bakeries, where people are exposed to the risk of airstrikes.

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The distribution of food to internally displaced individuals in Gaza City and northern Gaza has been severely hampered in recent days due to the escalation of ground operations. Reports suggest that limited food assistance by local non-governmental organizations and community-based groups is ongoing, although there are indications that no bakeries are currently operational in some areas.

The WFP further warns that essential food stocks in Gaza, including rice and vegetable oil, are expected to be exhausted within one to three days, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in the region.