Oscars 2022 celebrated 28 years of Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ winning the best original screenplay Academy Award. With Chuck Berry’s ‘You Never Can Tell’ playing, the movie’s cast – Samuel L Jackson, John Travolta, and Uma Thurman took the stage. 

Travolta, who plays Vincent Vega a hitman, recreated the iconic dance with co-star Thurman, who plays Mia Wallace, wife of gangster Marsellus Wallace in the movie. The sequence itself is Tarantino’s homage to Italian maestro Federico Fellini’s seminal ‘8 1/2’. 

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While Thurman and Travolta were shaking a leg, Jackson held on to a black briefcase, reminiscent of the recurring motif in the 1994 Palme d’Or winner, where two hitmen are tasked with retrieving their boss’ briefcase and stumble onto a series of events, but the contents of the case are never shown. 

The three had a laugh about Thurman remembering the lines from the film to date, as she proceeded to crack the same joke her character makes. With Jackson clarifying for the audience how the briefcase signified existence itself, the actors proceeded to open it up. 

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Greeted by the familiar golden glow, the trio huddled around the case for a moment before pulling out the card with the name of the Best Actor award winner. Will Smith won for his role in ‘King Richard‘. 

‘Pulp Fiction’ caused an upset in the award circuit the year it was released. The film uprooted Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski’s attempt to snag the three most prestigious prizes in the Europe circuit. The colours trilogy won Venice and Berlin with ‘Three Colours: Blue’ getting the Golden Lion and ‘Three Colours: White’ getting Silver Bear for best director. However, Tarantino’s victory stopped Kieślowski’s ‘Three Colours: Red’ from winning at the Cannes. 

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Tarantino, who celebrated his 59th birthday on March 27, currently has NFTs of his postmodern film.