Adult entertainment producer and actor Paul F. Little, better known by the stage name Max Hardcore, died at 66 of septic shock and pneumonia, his manager Paul Munoz said. Little was undergoing radioactive iodine treatment for the past one year for thyroid cancer.

He was known for his extreme and controversial style of pornography, which often involved violent and degrading acts towards women. Little faced legal issues and was convicted of obscenity-related charges in 2008, which led to him serving a prison sentence.

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In 2008, Max Hardcore and his company were charged with 10 counts of federal obscenity charges. The charges included distributing obscene material through the mail and over the internet. The specific content in question was his series of films known as Max Hardcore which featured extreme and violent sexual acts, including urination, vomiting, and the use of props like speculums and enemas.

The trial resulted in Little being found guilty on all 10 counts and he was subsequently sentenced to 46 months in federal prison, along with a $7,500 fine. The judge in the case, Susan Bucklew, called the material “vile and disgusting” and stated that it went beyond the boundaries of the First Amendment’s protection of free speech.

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Little’s conviction was controversial, with some arguing that it was a violation of his First Amendment rights. However, others argued that the content of his films was not protected under the First Amendment because it was deemed to be obscene, and that the charges were justified.

It’s important to note that his content is widely considered to be unethical and non-consensual, and is not condoned by many individuals and organizations in the adult entertainment industry.