The street gang from Birmingham has come a long way, as fans have loved every step the Peaky Blinders have taken to cement their godlike status in Small Heath. Now, the trailer for Season 6 shows fan-favourite character Tommy Shelby, struggling with his demons as he walks the fine line between being a gangster and a Member of the Parliament. 

It starts off with the protagonist, Shelby, firing a Thompson submachine gun (ironically better known as a Tommy gun). We realize that Oswald Mosely, based on the real-life British politician, is still Tommy’s chief enemy as the latter tries to put a stop to the dangerous fascist politics Mosely espouses. 

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Anya Taylor-Joy returns along with Finn Cole. They’ll be reprising the roles of Gina and Michael Gray, daughter-in-law and son to Polly Gray, portrayed until this point by the late Helen McCrory. Since we’d seen Michael make a play for Tommy’s position in the last season, offering the Peaky Blinders an opportunity to get into the drug business, there’s a good chance that there’ll be some more infighting this time. 

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Snippets show gunfire and violence, as we catch glimpses of Alfie Solomon, played to perfection by Tom Hardy, and Tommy’s hard-as-nails brother Arthur Shelby. The women of Peaky Blinders also have their moment, when we see Liz breaking down, suggesting that Tommy’s family might face danger and even tragedy. Ada, who’s long counselled Tommy and his brothers, also foresees that one of them won’t live too long. This might suggest another heavy loss that the Peaky Blinders have to deal with. Amid all the action, Tommy promises that this is the last enemy they’ll kill, after which the Peaky Blinders can rest. 

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However, with danger on all sides, from fascists, shaky deals, and family members, it remains to be seen if Tommy manages to emerge unscathed. Season 6 of the BBC series is slated to release early in 2022.