Jon Stewart is set to make a return to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show every Monday, starting Feb. 12, until the 2024 presidential election.

Comedy Central has announced that Jon Stewart, the renowned comedian and former host of The Daily Show, will be making a comeback to the satirical news program every Monday, beginning Feb. 12. Stewart will not only resume his role as host but will also serve as the executive producer of the Emmy-winning show. The return is timed for the upcoming 2024 presidential election season.

Jon Stewart (x/@mmpadellan)

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The network plans to feature a rotating lineup of correspondents as guest hosts for the rest of the week’s episodes, while Stewart takes the lead on Mondays. Comedy Central’s CEO and President, Chris McCarthy, expressed excitement about having Stewart back, describing him as the voice of their generation. McCarthy emphasized Stewart’s ability to provide clarity and humor in an era marked by political division and hypocrisy.

Stewart’s return to The Daily Show is expected to coincide with the day after CBS’s Super Bowl, allowing for substantial promotion on Comedy Central’s affiliated networks. This announcement follows more than a year of guest hosts, including Leslie Jones and Sarah Silverman, filling in after Trevor Noah’s departure in 2023.

The timing of Stewart’s return is notable, aligning with a potential rematch in the 2024 presidential election between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. Stewart left The Daily Show in 2015, just months after Trump announced his candidacy in the 2016 presidential race.

While Comedy Central had been exploring a permanent replacement for Trevor Noah, no new host had been officially appointed, leading to a series of guest hosts. The decision to bring back Jon Stewart, who hosted the show for 16 years before Trevor Noah, suggests a strategic move to leverage Stewart’s iconic status and engage viewers during the upcoming election year.

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Stewart’s impact on The Daily Show has been significant, winning 24 Emmys during his tenure. His return raises anticipation and curiosity about how his seasoned comedic perspective will navigate the current political landscape and resonate with today’s audience.