Hollywood actor Amber Heard, who is in the middle of a court battle with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, talked about the death threats she has received ever since the defamation trial began. 

Testifying on Thursday, the 36-year-old detailed the harassment and humiliation that she undergoes “every single day.”

When questioned by her attorney Ben Rottenborn about how she has “suffered publicly” amid the court battle, Heard said, “I am harassed, humiliated, threatened, every single day. Even just walking into this courtroom. Sitting here in front of the world, having the worst parts of my life, things that I have lived through, used to humiliate me. People want to kill me and they tell me so every day. People want to put my baby in the microwave, and they tell me that.”

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Heard also revealed how she goes by a “set of rules” in order to prevent “meltdowns” and “panic attacks” as her mental health takes a hit. 

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“I live my life with these sets of rules I’ve to follow, my friends have to follow for me not to have a panic attack or a triggering event or I relive the trauma, even from training to do. In my movie, for instance, for training for Aquaman, a combat scene and a trigger happen. I have a meltdown and have to deal with that, the crew I work with have to deal with that, because of the damage I walk around with every single day. I am not sitting in this courtroom snickering. I’m not sitting in this courtroom laughing, smiling, or making snide jokes. I’m not. This is horrible,” she said, according to Newsweek. 

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp will return to court on Friday, the final day of the defamation suit, for their respective closing arguments.