Priyanka Chopra has become the
buzz of the town after she gave an interview to iconic talk show host Oprah
Winfrey on Super Soul. With the help of
cutting-edge technology, the dynamic
interview was conducted virtually with Priyanka being in London and Oprah Winfrey,
who is in Maui, Hawaii.

Here are some highlights from the dynamic interview:

Chopra on husband Nick Jonas

agreed on judging the book by its cover. She said that she did not take Nick
as she was in her 35s and wanted to get married and have kids and did
not know if that’s what he really wanted as he was in his 20s. She was not
serious until after they went out and found out how self-assured and sensible a
man he was.  

Chopra on her 2000 Miss World win

said that she was thrown into the deep and was trying to keep her head above
the water at that point. She never thought that she could be a part of it, saying
that the world of pageants and movies is crazy.

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Chopra on how much she misses her father

expressed how she misses her father and how proud he
would be for her every accomplishment. From completing the food on her plate to
wearing a dress he liked, he would express his joyous feelings and would be the
loudest in the room. She tells about how instrumental he has been in her life
and how it helped her be who she is today. She says that she feels him around,
whenever she feels peaceful.

Chopra on her faith being tested

The actor feels that her faith was tested during the demise of her father. She reveals
that she found salvation during that time. She briefly told about how she
visited all the temples, did all the prayers, met every godman and woman and
met all the doctors that could help prolong her dad’s life.

Priyanka Chopra on her memoir ‘Unfinished’

She started writing the book back in 2018 between all the flights and the little
time she would get in hotel rooms but could not seem to finish it. She told Oprah how
she spent the time in COVID and says that this time helped her overcome her
insecurities of her 20s and gain confidence in herself. She always wanted to
write a book and thought the easiest way to do that was by writing about her

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Priyanka Chopra on spirituality

Priyanka explained how hard it’s
not to be spiritual living in a country with so many religions. She told that
she learned about Christianity growing up in a convent school, she became aware
of Islam as her dad used to sing at mosques and Hinduism as she grew up in a Hindu
family. She says that she has a temple at home, where she prays often and that
she believes that there is a higher power that exists and how she haves faith
in it.

Priyanka on facing racial bullying at school

The ‘Baywatch’ talked about how high school was hard. She remembers how self-conscious she was
back then when she was in high school as she feared being devalued something
you cannot change or are unaware of the fact. She says that she called her mom
saying that she didn’t wanted to live in this country anymore and her mom came over
to pick her up to take her back home.

Priyanka Chopra on
filmmaker who mistreated her

says that the entertainment business is crazy and the girls are always told
that they would not get any reputation if they were hard to work with so she
had to work within the system.

Priyanka Chopra on the most memorable part of her wedding

say that the most memorable moment of her wedding was when she extended her hand
to her mom to walked her down the aisle and she felt her dad’s presence in a
strong way in that moment.

Priyanka Chopra on The
White Tiger

Priyanka says that she read the book in 2008 and
when she came across the news that the movie was being adapted for Netflix on
twitter she told her agents to offer her services as an executive producer because
she was seeking work in America 5 to 6 years ago. She says that the filmmakers did
not have it in their consciousness to make a brown person play the lead in the
movie and she did not want the movie to go into the genre of an independent
movie. She really wanted to see how many eyes the movie could get as the story
was universal.