Fans of rapper Sexyy Red were taken by surprise when an alleged sex tape purportedly featuring the artist was leaked on her Instagram story. Sexyy Red, known for her track “Pound Town,” was gearing up for her first headlining tour scheduled to begin on October 16. She had been actively promoting her new music and sharing her adventures on her Instagram account.

The controversy unfolded when fans noticed what they believed to be a sex tape in a carousel of her Instagram stories. This alleged NSFW clip quickly spread to other online platforms, leaving many fans shocked. Some fans speculated that Sexyy Red accidentally leaked the tape herself through her social media posts.

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Numerous fans took to Twitter on October 5th to share that they had seen what appeared to be a sex tape of Sexyy Red on her Instagram stories. Many expressed their frustration at having the explicit content appear on their timelines. Although the content was subsequently removed from both her Instagram stories and Twitter, screenshots from the alleged tape continued circulating on Twitter. One widely shared screenshot depicted the rapper lying on a bed with her eyes closed while wearing a large pink head wrap.

In the past 24 hours, Sexyy Red had been active on her Instagram, sharing various stories that included reposts of her fans’ posts and snippets from her new music video. As of now, the artist has not addressed the alleged leaked tape on her Instagram account.

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Amid the social media frenzy surrounding the leaked tape, Sexyy Red posted a tweet on her Twitter account that seemed to address the situation. In her tweet, the 25-year-old rapper expressed her dismay, stating, “I’m so heartbroken; anybody that knows me knows I wouldn’t do no goofy sh*t like that.” However, she has not provided further comments on the alleged tape leak that occurred on her Instagram.