Robert Pattinson explained the meticulous diet he had to follow for filming shirtless scenes in ‘The Batman‘. The 35-year-old ‘Twilight‘ star explained that as the day for shooting the shirtless scenes appeared, Pattinson would carefully count “sips of water”, as per People. 

At the red carpet premiere of the 2022 reboot directed by Matt Reeves, Pattinson noted, “I had about three months before the movie started, and then you’re working out before and after work all the time. You just cut down and cut down and cut down before the couple of scenes with your shirt off, and you’re counting sips of water”. 

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The ‘Good Time’ actor added that going shirtless was his biggest drive to look his absolute best. “Shame is my biggest motivator, 100%”, the actor jokingly told People. 

He also explained the powerful feeling of putting on the Batsuit, to play the Caped Crusader. “It’s funny because you read the script and you spend loads of time trying to figure out, ‘How can I play this character who does these sort of audacious acts?’ And the closer I got to the shoot I got more and more paranoid — you know, it feels ridiculous when you’re just sitting at home in a T-shirt — and then you put it on. It’s got an elemental power to it”, he said, describing the outfit. 

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Pattinson explained that the role was bigger than any actor and people “react to you differently”, and the “entire world suddenly changes”, as per People. 

In the new Batman movie, Pattinson’s character is seen introducing himself as vengeance. It is based on the superhero’s earlier years and focuses more on a gritty detective iteration of the protector of Gotham. The movie sees Batman take on a rogue’s gallery including Penguin and Riddler. ‘The Batman’ releases on March 4.