The Rolling Stones will be honoured in a set of 12 special stamps to commemorate the band’s 60th anniversary, according to Royal Mail.

The primary set of eight stamps in the series depicts the rock legends performing at several international venues throughout their famous career, including London‘s Hyde Park in July 1969, Düsseldorf, Germany, in October 2017, and Tokyo, Japan, in March 1995.

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One of the eight stamps also includes a photograph of the band’s late drummer, Charlie Watts (who died in August 2021 at the age of 80), performing on stage in Düsseldorf, Germany, in October 2017.

Two pictures of the band and two promotional posters used on worldwide tours throughout the years are featured on an extra four stamps, which are presented in a small sheet.

“Few bands in the history of rock have managed to carve out a career as rich and expansive as that of The Rolling Stones,” Royal Mail Director of Public Affairs & Policy David Gold stated in a press statement.

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“They have created some of modern music’s most iconic and inspirational albums, with ground-breaking live performances to match.”

The Rolling Stones are only the fourth band to be honoured by Royal Mail with a dedicated stamp issue, following The Beatles in 2007, Pink Floyd in 2016, and Queen in 2020.

The stamps, as well as a variety of collector’s products featuring the special artwork, are available for pre-order starting today (January 11), and will be released to the general public on January 20 via Royal Mail.

Mick Jagger and Keith Richards celebrated the 60th anniversary of their first “proper meeting” in October 2021, in the spirit of 60th anniversary celebrations.

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Following a performance at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, on October 17, 2021, the band shared an image of a special plectrum with an image of Jagger and Richards, along with the words “17 October 1961-2021 – 60 years on the same train,” commemorating the first time the two met on Dartford train station’s platform two on October 17, 1961. The Stones were created the next year.