A video featuring Russell Brand making highly controversial remarks, including jokes about rape and child exploitation, was recently removed from YouTube within the past 24 hours. The interview, which also disappeared from Soundcloud, was taken down amid a scandal involving Brand, who vehemently denies allegations of abusing women.

Known for his acerbic, sexually explicit, and outrageously crude comedic style, Brand participated in the interview as part of Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast back in 2013. During the interview, Brand, who described himself as a “mundane bloke” from a single-parent family who became a “comprehensive show-off,” made disturbing comments that elicited laughter from Herring and the audience. He casually stated, “Oh I’ve raped someone once” and “killed her after.”

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In the same video, Brand also made inappropriate jokes about the ancient Greeks engaging in sexual acts with children while pursuing mathematics, suggesting they were unbothered by it due to their intelligence. He even mimicked sexual acts and remarked, “I’ve done another triangle. I’m engaging in sexual activity with a child. This is great. Intercourse with the child involving a triangle. No, that’s too much.” He further made jokes about adults, like babysitters, engaging in sexual activities in the presence of children, including himself.

Following bombshell claims from women alleging rape, sexual assaults, abuse, and predatory behavior, including an alleged victim who was a 16-year-old schoolgirl, the video and interview were removed from Mr. Herring’s YouTube channel. Channel 4, the BBC, and the police have all initiated investigations into the allegations of rape and sexual assault, with more women coming forward recently.

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Furthermore, production staff who worked with Brand have come forward with allegations that they were allegedly pressured into finding him sexual partners from the audiences of his programs. In the deleted YouTube interview with fellow comedian Herring, Brand, who also referred to himself as a “sex narcissist,” claimed to have slept with a significant portion of the women in the room and engaged in inappropriate gestures when discussing using homeless individuals to promote his Messiah tour, raising questions about potential exploitation given his millionaire comedian status.