Bollywood actor Salman Khan said that a forthcoming docuseries on his life and career – Beyond the Star – will present an honest and fun side about him as a person off-camera.

The project will trace the journey of the 55-year-old actor, his superstardom, his equation with people in the film industry, controversies, among other things. The interesting part of the docuseries is that it will be narrated by his family, friends, co-stars, directors, producers, and media people.

Salman said that it was his friend, Romanian actor-model Iulia Vantur, who came up with the idea of making a docu-series to encapsulate his journey of 33 years in the movies.

“My docuseries is ‘Beyond the Star’. Iulia had thought of it and I felt it was a good concept. Whoever I have worked with, staff, friends, co-stars, directors, producers will talk about how I was earlier and how I am now.

“She narrated it to Andre (Timmins, Wiz Films) and he took it to Applause Entertainment and they finalised this. It is a very good project,” the actor told PTI in an interview.

The docuseries will be directed by Viraf Sarkari. It will talk about all the people who helped Salman become who he is.

“Everyone has come in to talk, people have come and spoken honest things, people who didn’t like things have also spoken and those who liked have also spoken. So the entire journey has been in a way captured. It is as honest (as possible). And it is fun.”

Salman, who has 43.3 million followers on Twitter and 47.2 million on Instagram, continues to be one of the most popular 1990s stars albeit controversial with an almost cult-like fan following.

Salman said that every day is a learning process for him, reminiscing the lessons life has taught him unknowingly.

“…And God always gives you two options – good and bad. I feel once you are dead and gone, you should tell your children to follow this man or be like him. It is about teaching the right thing to do,” he added.

“Beyond the Star” will be co-produced by Khan, Wiz Films and Applause Entertainment.