Bollywood’s rap sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar, who got married in 2011, have officially announced their separation. The singer has paid a huge amount of Rs 1 crore for the divorce settlement, Times Now Hindi reported. Shalini Talwar, 38, accused Honey Singh of domestic violence in 2021. 

Hirdesh Singh aka Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar reached a divorce settlement in a family court in Delhi on Thursday, September 8. Honey Singh presented Shalini Talwar with a sealed envelope containing a cheque for Rs 1 crore as alimony during the hearing in the presence of judge Vinod Kumar, the report stated.

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During court proceedings, Shalini Talwar leveled cheating allegations, claiming that he frequently had casual sex with multiple women, refused to wear his wedding ring, and mercilessly beat her for posting their wedding photos online. She asked the court to issue protective orders against him under the 2005 Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. 

Talwar also claimed that Honey Singh allegedly beat her numerous times in recent years, and she lived in constant fear as he and his family threatened her with physical harm. “She suffered from symptoms of depression and sought medical help due to mental harassment and cruelty imposed upon her over a period of time,” she stated in the plea.

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Honey Singh previously issued a statement on social media on August 6, 2021, regarding the domestic violence case. He denied all the allegations, calling them “false and malicious.”

He said, “I am deeply pained and distressed by the false and malicious allegations levied against me and my family by my companion/wife of 20 years, Mrs. Shalini Talwar. The allegations are severely odious. I have never issued a public statement or press note in the past despite being subjected to harsh criticism for my lyrics, speculation on my health, & negative media coverage in general. However, I see no merit in maintaining a studied  silence this time because some of the allegations have been directed at my family – my old parents and younger sister – who have stood by me during some very difficult and trying times and comprise my world.” 

He continued, “The allegations are cynical and defaming in nature. I have been associated with the industry for over 15 years and worked with artists and musicians across the country. Everyone is aware of my relationship with my wife, who has been an integral part of my crew for more than a decade now and always accompanied me to my shoots, events, and meetings. I strongly refute all the allegations but will not comment any further because the matter is sub-judice before the Court of Law. I have full faith in the judicial system of this country, and I am confident that the truth will be out soon. The allegations are subject to be proven and the Hon’ble Court has provided me with an opportunity to reply to such allegations.” 

“In the meantime, I humbly request my fans and public at large to not draw any conclusion about me and my family until the Hon’ble Court pronounces a verdict after hearing both the sides. I am confident that justice will be served, and honesty will win. As always, I’m grateful for all the love and support of my fans and well-wishers, who inspire me to work hard and make good music. Thank you! Yo Yo Honey Singh”, he added.