Hwang Dong-hyuk, the creator of Netflix’s popular Korean survival drama show ‘Squid Game’ said that the cliffhanger ending to the first season would not be meaningless and announced that he will be making a second season.

Citing the global success of the first season of ‘Squid Game’, Dong-hyuk said “I almost feel like you leave us no choice”, according to reports from Associated Press.

He added, “There has been so much pressure, so much demand and so much love for a second season. Dong-hyuk was attending a red carpet celebration for the show Monday night.

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“It is in my head right now. I am in the planning process currently. But I do think it is too early to say when and how that is going to happen. So I will promise you this, Gi-hun (lead character played by Lee Jung-jae) will be back and he will do something for the world,” explained Hwang.

The show, which includes cast members like Jung Hoyeon, Park Hae Soo and Lee Jung-jae, has not officially been given a second season by Netflix so far. 

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‘Squid Game’ also reportedly became the biggest and most successful show ever to have been on Netflix. It has also gained massive popularity for the star cast. 

The lead actor, Lee Jung-jae has been working in Korea for over 25 years. Now his life has changed because he’s also recognized on the streets of America.

“That is amazing, right? People just go around and say hello,” said Lee, according to reports from Associated Press.

“So I really do not know how to respond to all the love. It is so great to be able to meet the fans who have loved and watched the show so much.”

The story of the dystopian survival drama from South Korea revolves around common people who are financially struggling and agree to take part in a “game”, which promises a huge sum of money but with a twist.